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Highlights of Accomplishments

Developed and directed the sales of over 7 million dollars of profitable industrial business in less than 2 years.

Directed the quality programs assuring food safety, wholesomeness, and specification systems for internal operations, and suppliers of goods.

Directed cost improvements resulting in 2.5 million dollars savings while increasing product quality for single product of a chain restaurant.

Responsible for the Technical start-up of new Fully - Cooked plant which produced Chicken, Beef, and Pork products.

Directed the development and commercialization of over 40 new items for chain accounts

Cost reduced the formulations of 3 fully cooked items, which achieved incremental annual savings in excess of 1 million dollars

Directed the reformulation of 100 plus products removing MSG from all formulas (within 9 months)

Formulation/Processing improvements in various fully cooked items for various national retail, and food service companies(Pizza Hut, ConAgra, Tyson, Campbell Soup, etc.)

Fully Cooked product experience with Breaded and non-Breaded, Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Pork, Seafood, whole muscle, sectioned & formed, ground products.

Processing experience with MPO ovens, MPO Impingement ovens, JSO ovens, Impingement ovens, Char-Broil Ovens, Stein Fryers, Heat&Control Fryers, Char-Markers, Smokehouse, Steam Jacketed Kettles, Thermal Screws, and Water Submersion cooking.

Market Segment Experience:

Food Service

Quick Service

School Lunch



Frozen Bulk Packs

Frozen Entrees

Fresh Marinated

Fresh Specialties

Fully Cooked/Slaked Out

Meal Solutions

Industrial Meal Components

Club Store Products